Who We Are?


Avis Producciones engages fully with every project. We believe that the best results come from total dedication and commitment.


Always necessary, to bring the surprise element to all our projects.


We have latest-generation cameras for filming in 4k; zero gravity cranes and a large unit for making time lapse videos; dollies and power heads.


Avis Producciones has more than seven years’ experience and a professional team specialising in making nature documentaries.

At Avis Producciones we have a range of services tailored to different needs. The common denominator is the natural environment.

Nature documentaries are Avis Productions signature product. Our passion for the natural world inspires us to show it in its best light.

We believe that good environmental education is essential to improving the way society views nature and encourages conservation.

We work in a range of genres, including wildlife, landscape, macro and night photography, among others.

We have of a large and varied stock of nature footage and time lapse shots, available for use in different formats, including commercials, documentaries, TV programmes, etc.

We have an extensive catalogue of images. You can see a small sample on our website.


Avis-Producciones - Alex Gutiérrez

Alex Gutiérrez

Cámara y Editor

Avis-Producciones - Lexeia Larrañaga

Lexeia Larrañaga

Realizadora y Guionista

Avis-Producciones - Enrique

Enrique Santos

Director de Fotografía

Avis-Producciones - Julio Veiga

Julio Veiga

Músico y Compositor

Why choose Avis Productions?

Our team of quality professionals is at your service.

Full 4k shooting.

Nature conservation is our strongest motivation.

Transparency and quality form the basis of our work.

We deliver our work on schedule.

Our primary goal is our clients’ satisfaction.